Dr. James Rouse

Dr. James Rouse

Dr. James Rouse inspires audiences by teaching the fine art of maximizing Human Performance — both in business and in life.

As an Author and Speaker, he has written 11 books and has shared the stage with notables such as Dr. Oz, Shaquille O’Neil, Robin Sharma and Sir Richard Branson.

As a Human Performance Clinician, he has worked with the NFL, the NBA, MLB, Google, Whole Foods, Tegna Media and other High Performing organizations from around the globe.

As a seasoned Entrepreneur, he has successfully created and built companies in Media, Consumer Packaged Goods and Nutraceuticals, which have gone on to generate millions of dollars in Sales.

As a High Performing Athlete, he was a sponsored IronMan Triathlete, he has successfully summited numerous peaks in the Himalayas and pushes his own personal limits each and every day.

He lives in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies where he practices High Performance Living, Giving, Ruckusmaking, and Growing alongside his wife Debra and their 2 daughters.

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