An intimate community of positive, driven leaders.

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What is the EPIC Community?

EPIC is an intimate, private event that brings together a community of 100 of the most inspirational and aspiring entrepreneurs, creators, change-makers and positive people on the planet. It’s not an open event that anyone can join; it’s an invitation-only event being hosted at the five-star Ritz-Carlton in Toronto.

As a community member, you will learn and be inspired together from more than 12 of the best speakers, facilitators and best-selling authors on the planet. Our goal is that this community will learn about creating an epic life, family, business and a more sustainable future.

The access that members will get to the faculty has never before been experienced. Each speaker will give a 60 – 90 minute program and then facilitate an unfiltered Q&A that will answer your questions, build your brand and help to create an EPIC life, family and future.

WE build the community. Every approved member is encouraged to invite one new member, to a total of 100 members. Once you nominate someone a personalized EPIC invitation will be sent to them on your behalf. We will build a group of people that will work well together and strive to build ethical and successful businesses and lives.

Looking for inspiration? Join us at EPIC December 2022!